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Your good night sleep is disturbed only to find out that your loved one is in jail needing your help. The first thing that bothers you is “How do I get him out of there?” Having to bail out someone could drain you emotionally and financially. It is not easy to gather funds to bail out someone. It is also embarrassing on the part of your family. However, leaving a family behind bars is not an option, too.

You can bail your loved one using your own cash and property. But, if you are short of money or your savings is tied up to finance something else, you can opt to avail of bail bond for your loved one instead. Bail bond works by providing the guarantee to the court that the defendant will never skip his scheduled court hearings.

Let our company do the legwork for you. We have bail bondsmen in Rancho Cucamonga that is on-call 24/7. We are ready to do the bail out any time of the day. We can say that we literally never sleep.

Instead of settling the full bail amount, you only need to pay a premium which is 10% of the total bail. You can only avail of this option through a licensed bail bondsman in Rancho Cucamonga. The issuance of bail bonds and the bail bond premium is regulated by the California Department of Insurance. As such, only licensed bail bonds agents are allowed to issue it. Our bail bonds agents are all certified by the Department so you can be assured that you can trust our company to do the work professionally.

Getting your loved one out of custody through a bail bondsman is easy and fast. Here are the steps to give you an idea of our process.

  1. Call our bail bonds company  as soon as you find out that your loved one is in jail so that we can be spare you of the paper works and stress of having to post the bail on your own. When you call, we will ask questions about you and your loved one in jail. We will also ask questions about your employment because we need the information to allow us to evaluate your application for approval.
  2. Once approved, we will send you the required forms that you need to fill out to proceed with your request. We can send it to you by email, fax, or if you wish, our bail bonds agent can meet you personally at your home or jail. You will also pay us the premium amounting to 10% of the total bail amount. We can provide you with easy payment options if you have difficulties with paying it upfront.
  3. After submitting all the forms to us, just sit back and relax as we process the bail bond to the jail. We cannot advise the exact time when your loved one be released from the Rancho Cucamonga jail because the processing time in prisons varies. However, we can give you our word that we will be there to see through the process until your loved one is outside the jail.

Again, you should not worry about getting your loved one out of jail. Call us, and we will do the rest.