Booking Process

The West Valley Detention Center is used as a holding facility for pre-sentenced inmates in Rancho Cucamonga. After your loved one is arrested, he will undergo series of procedures in jail, called booking. This moment is understandably scary for your loved one and everyone in your family.

The booking process may take long especially when there are lots of inmates to be processed. We want to remind you to call our bail bonds agent in Rancho Cucamonga so that you can have someone who understands the process and explain them to you well. Knowing the process and having someone to count on will help ease your worries and grief.

Let us brief you on the booking process so that you can have an idea about what’s going on with your loved one in jail. The booking process is consist of the following steps.

Gathering Information

Once your loved one is arrested, the police authorities will get important details about him and the events that led to his arrest. The relevant information gathered are his complete name and alias, his contact information and other vital information relating to the crime.

The police authorities will also check their databases if the defendant already has an existing criminal record or a pending warrant of arrest.

Mugshot and Fingerprint

The mugshot is a photograph taken by the police as a record of the image of the defendant. The picture will show the front and side view of the accused’s face. The photograph will also display the name of the accused, height, case number and associated crime, and the date when the photo was taken.

Next, the fingerprints. No two persons are bearing the same fingerprint. As such, all of the defendant’s fingerprints need to be captured and saved in a database. The fingerprint will also be used to match with the prints found at the crime scene.

Seizure of Personal Belongings and Strip Search

The confiscation of personal belongings of the arrested person is a way to ensure that the there are no prohibited items carried inside the detention facility. The inmates and the police officers will be at risk if any illegal items are brought inside the jail.

The same rationale goes for strip search. It may be awkward and invasive, but this is simply a routine process to ensure that you are not carrying contraband or weapon inside the detention center.

Physical Examination

The general health check is conducted to ensure that the defendant does not have any injury or sickness that can pose a danger to the police and other inmates.

Once the booking process is completed, the defendant is transferred to a holding area where they will await their trial or posting of their bail.

You can post the bail on your own, or better yet, hire a licensed bail bondsman in Rancho Cucamonga who can do the job for you at a fraction of the cost. You can save your loved one the stress of sitting it out in jail when there are ways to help him get his life back.